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Puppies & Adoptable Dogs!

Visit this page for information on planned and current litters of German Shorthairs and our availble adoptable rescue dogs!

Upcoming litter information will be posted on our Facebook Page:

We currently have no new planned litters as of March 2022.

Have questions about an available dog? Send an email to and change the subject line to adoption inquiry.

We're located in Yulee, Florida. We do not ship or deliver. It is your responsibility to pick up your dog. We will not allow paid transit to collect your dog for you. A valid ID/Driver's license is required at time of pick up.

Application to adopt is currently unavailable. When a new dog or litter becomes available, the application link will be found here.

Dogs Available for Adoption:
German Shorthair Pointer Puppy
Hank - Adopted!
German Shorthair Pointer Puppy sleeping on a blanket
Previously Paired:
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