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Dog Training to Fit Your Everyday Lifestyle

Our experienced dog trainer, Lynsey, makes training fun and simple  by teaching you how to communicate with your dog to get the behavior you want and stop the things you don't want, transforming your dog from out-of-control maniac  to being a dog you can take anywhere.

Owner and head dog trainer of Sunshine K9 Training sits at a busy outdoor eatery with her GSP to have a beer.

Our Most Popular Programs:

Lynsey is known for her unwavering patience when it comes to working with those dogs (and people...) who are a little rough around the edges. The immersive board and train experience is like no other in the entire Southeast! Her goal is to always handle dogs with love, patience, and the attention that they deserve. If you don't have the time or patience to train, the immersive doggy boot camp may be the perfect program for you. Check out the video to learn all about Doggy Boot Camp!

Board & Train Program Packages

Our Board & Train Camp Packages include private lessons, high quality training equipment, and online access to the step-by-step training process. All of the answers are yours!


Basic Obedience Boot Camp

Our Basic Obedience Board & Train program is 2 weeks long and focuses on teaching your dog the basic obedience commands: sit, down, recall, and heel while on leash. A private lesson is included to teach YOU how to maintain all this good behavior! This program is ideal for young dogs that don't have any serious behavior issues.



The Everywhere Dog Board & Train

Our Everywhere Dog Board & Train program is 3 weeks long and focuses on teaching your dog basic obedience commands and good manners in high-distraction environments. Private lessons are included to teach YOU how to maintain all this good behavior out in public! We handle reactivity issues and create good manners for public access in this program.


Not in the budget? Check out our DIY Board & Train Course or ask about our Financing/Low Monthly Payment Options

When it comes to working with living animals that can ultimately make their own choices, people always want a guarantee that training will "work" flawlessly and effortlessly. Here's what I have to say: I guarantee that I will work my hardest at accomplishing your goals and communicate with you on what you need to continue doing moving forward to be successful on your dog training journey. The modification of aggressive/fearful behaviors is not a promise, it's always a work in progress. Be fair to your dog and to yourself and follow through with the training to get the most out of your dog's board & train experience.

Behavior modification programs are crafted specifically for your family and for your dog(s). The pricing listed does not reflect the cost of Lynsey working with aggressive or fearful animals as it takes more time and effort to work through these issues. When signing up for a behavior modification program, you're aggreeing to maintaining open communication with your trainer to alert of any issues that may arise after your dog's board and train is complete. Failure to contact us in a timely manner to alert of any issues will result in termination of our dog training agreement. Waiting until an issue is intolerable is not our approach. Let us help you to the best of our ability by letting us know what's going on right away!

Overnight boarding/daycare services is only available to dogs who have previously been trained in our programs. The charge is $65/night. $85 on holidays.

Florida & Georgia Dog Parents, are you STILL experiencing dog training problems despite everything you've tried?

  • The embarrassing reactivity that makes your walks a nightmare. Oh the DRAMA!

  • The frustration when your dog doesn't listen to you on or off the leash. It's like your dog is giving you the middle finger.

  • The FOMO and guilt of not being able to take your dog hiking and exploring. This is the reason why you got them.

  • Missing out on all the fun dog-friendly activities

  • Feeling like you've done every type of dog training there is, but to no avail!


The frustration stops here! Schedule your dog's consultation and we'll get you on the right track to comfortable walks, calm gatherings, and bringing your pal out to fun places like downtown and even the beach! What are you waiting for?

A confident dog owner walks her previously reactive golden doodle down a busy trail in the heart of Atlanta.
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five star review paws
Charlotte the golden retriever happily sits on the place cot during an obedience dog training session.

Cassie A.

"I want to give a huge thank you to Lynsey with Sunshine K9 Training! We got our diva pup, Charlotte back today from a 3-week board and train program and we can't sing Lynsey's praises enough. Her dedication, love for dogs, and her patience with the humans who have no idea what they're doing is incredible and I would recommend her to anyone.

Lynsey met with us several times to make sure we were comfortable and we are so impressed by what we've seen in even just a short three weeks. If you have a new puppy or dog that needs some training and guidance in the ATL area, check out Lynsey!"

Dakota the German Shepherd dog watches kids on the playground during a confidence building dog training session

Bethany P.

"Our German Shepherd puppy, Dakota, had many challenges with barking, strangers, walks, delivery people, etc. due to being raised during quarantine and only being around our family. Lynsey had her for over 3 weeks and she is now able to walk with zero pulling, can relax and be in the down position even with distractions, and is overall a much much easier dog for us to handle. It is pretty much a guarantee that without this training, Dakota would have bitten someone or hurt a deliver person. We really appreciate everything we have learned with Lynsey and highly recommend her."

5 star review paws
Kira the pitbull engages with her owner during a walk through the neighborhood

Steven K.

"She taught Kira in 5 minutes. That was the easy part. She had Kira in heel position like it wasn't anything new to her in a couple of minutes. My shoulders have been saved! And I would feel so much more comfortable about kene and the boys taking her for a walk without the fear of kira breaking away. The information and time Lynsey took to give it and show us how to apply it was eye opening. And the knowledge that my family and dog can go out safely together without needing me there is invaluable. And great for my shoulders."

Areas of Service:

No dog or human is too far! Our headquarters is in Brunswick, Georgia and we serve the Golden Isles and all of Jacksonville and the beaches! Our dog training programs can also be done virtually no matter where you are in the world! Lynsey has been improving the lives of dogs and their humans in the Atlanta area from 2019 to 2023, but we missed the beach so we headed back to the coast! Send the team a chat or fill out an application to get started!

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