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Online Courses - DIY Dog Training

Your dog lives in your house with you so it makes sense to train them in your own home, right? Our Do It Yourself dog training programs have been designed with your comfort and schedule in mind. Regardless of which training program, you can work at your own pace. No matter what the issue is, we're here to help. We'll make training easy by giving you the tools and guidance you need to succeed with your dog. During these online courses, it's the trainer's job to teach you how to train your dog. So yes, while we're going to give you the answers, it will be you and your family that will be training your dog. The best part? We'll make it simple and fun. How cool is that?

Our online library is always expanding. Check back for updates and follow us on social media for new course announcements!

Puppy Training & Advanced Obedience Bundle

We've combined two of our very effective obedience courses to help you maximize your training and help your dog reach their full potential. If you're ready for change, this is the perfect course for you.

D.I.Y. Board & Train

Join us as we teach a rambunctious, out-of-control dog how to be the best girl she can be!

Watch us train live, or watch the replay as we take her through our foundational course, leash pressure course, and our exclusive e-collar training! See it all, ask questions, troubleshoot with the trainer, and take your dog from spaz to rock star. Course starts February 10th, but you can enroll at any time!

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Puppy Training: Building the Foundation

This course is designed to get you started on your dog training journey. Learn how to use your puppy's food to lay the foundation for the following obedience commands: sit, down, place, and recall. Bonus material: Teaching Your Puppy Their Name!

Advanced Obedience Course

I'll show you how to take your dog's obedience to the next level. Learn all about using leash pressure and how to start solving those problems of getting your dog to listen the first time - every time - without having to bribe them with treats!

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