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Having trouble with your dog's behavior, but not sure how to train them? At you wits end? With a behavior consultation, the trainer will come to your home to observe the issues first-hand and help you determine your next course of action for getting your dog trained. When you're not sure what else to do, this is a great place to start! Ready to get started? Purchase a behavior consultation below.

Consultations are ideal for:

  • First time dog owners

  • Multi-dog households

  • Aggression

  • Resource Guarding

  • Leash Reactivity

  • Behavior Issues

Behavior Consultations

Layla & Boone

It all started with a behavior consultation...

Layla and Boone's owners were struggling with the dogs constant bickering with one another. Sometimes, the two dogs would get into a fight seemingly out of nowhere. Prior to hiring me, they tried all sorts of things to try to get their dogs to get along, but with busy lives, and no background in behavior issues, they were at a loss. They called me in for a behavior consultation to see if I had any insight on why this was happening.

I met Layla and Boone when they were both about a year old. Immediately upon entering the home and observing the dogs - and humans, I was able to identify the key issues that were causing the behavior problems. We got started with laying out a new plan to address their behavior so that everyone could live in harmony.

After our behavior consultation, the owners and I decided together that a board & train would be most beneficial for the family and the dogs. After a few weeks, the dogs were playing together, hanging out in the same room, and sometimes even laying right beside each other - no longer with any behavior problems. The owners continue to work hard at making sure they're communicating in a way that is fair to themselves and their dogs. And? It all started with a behavior consultation.

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