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There are a few dogs in the household that are lifelong residents. When we have fosters we'll highlight them here as well. Life is better with a dog... or two or four...



Thought to be a Great Dane mix who is actually part Husky...

Leo came into my life in south Georgia just before Hurricane Irma in 2017. A few months before I met him, he was turned into a shelter for some really dangerous behavior. Leo was one of four dogs that were taken into foster care during the storm. At the time, we were unaware of behavior issues because it was a mad dash to evacuate the coastal county. He was one of the most well behaved dogs in the group and when it was time for the fosters to head back to the shelter so potential adopters could see them, we found out that Leo wouldn't be kept there much longer because he had an unclear history with a bad mark on his record. Because of the likelihood of euthanasia, we kept him in foster care. He quickly became very attached to me and a few months later, I adopted him as my own.

We worked through his naughty habits and he now acts as a great role model for the rest of the pack. If it weren't for the challenges he brought to our life, I would have never started helping people at the capacity we do now. So thankful that my best buddy helped us facilitate a new way to help dogs and people that are struggling with behavior issues.

Updated September 2023: Leo crossed the rainbow bridge on August 17th, 2023. He passed away in his sleep on the bed like a king. We knew him to be about 13 years old. I've decided to keep his pictures here because he is the reason that I started Sunshine K9 Training years ago and will always be part of our pack. He will always hold an incredibly special place in my heart. Leo is what many would call a soul dog. He was meant for me and I was meant for him.


Sunshine's Stellar Supernova

A petite German Shorthair Pointer born February 2020

I had been looking to get a second dog for a while and had the opportunity to get Nova back in April of 2020. Right around the time folks were stuck at home, I was happily stuck with this snuggle bug. She brought new energy into our small family and continues to brighten the day with her bouncy attitude. Growing up, we had two GSPs in the house and life just felt so much more complete when she came into it.


Tombstone's Gambling Man Wyatt

Okay, okay... pointers are my favorite breed...

Wyatt came from Tombstone German Shorthairs in Hazlehurst, Georgia. When we moved to Florida, I was nervous that he wouldn't enjoy the coast as much as the mountains, but he absolutely loves the beach! Now he enjoys long walks on Fernandina Beach almost every night. At home, he is super snuggly and when he's not playing, he can often be found napping with his paws in the air. He's the perfect example of how a hunting dog can absolutely be a house dog. Anything is possible!

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