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Board & Train (Doggy Boot Camp!)

Our home becomes your dog's home. We take on 3 or 4 trainees at a time to make sure each dog gets the time, attention, and love they need to learn. They stay in our home and are part of our family while they're here.

Our immersive board and train experience is like no other in the entire Southeast! We understand that you may not have the time to get your dog trained to the expectation that you want and that's totally fine! Our board and train programs are designed with the busy dog mom (or dad) in mind. Take a load off. Go on a vacation. Don't worry, your dog will be a rock star by the time you return and they'll have fun while they're with us!

Struggling with behavior issues? Separation anxiety, resource guarding, and aggressive tendencies can be difficult to resolve at home. We have high success in helping owners make changes to how their dogs view the world. Financing is available. Have a question? Ready to get started?
*Veterans and active duty military are eligible to claim 10% off of our board & train programs. 

Schedule your consultation today to see which program would best fit all of your training needs!

Check out the different levels of board & train offered below.

Board & Train Program Packages

Our Board & Train Camp Packages include private lessons, high quality training equipment, and online access to the step-by-step training process. All of the answers are yours!

Basic On-Leash Obedience Board & Train

Our Basic On-Leash Board and Train program is two weeks long and focuses on teaching your dog the basic obedience commands: sit, down, place, recall, and heel while on leash. One private lesson is included. Owners will have access to our leash pressure learning course and our online community. This board and train is ideal for dogs 4 to 8 months old or dogs with no serious behavioral issues.


Advanced Obedience Board & Train

Our Advanced Obedience Board and Train program is a three week immersive board and train experience for your dog. The expectations are that your dog learns the basic obedience commands under moderate to high distractions. Two private training lessons are included in this program as well as access to our online community. Owners will receive access to our advanced obedience online learning course and online community. This board and train is ideal for humans whose dogs are stressing them out! Dogs must be 6 months or older for this camp.

We'll handle reactivity issues and manners in public in this program.

$2875 with equipment bundle

Off-Leash & Behavior Modification Board & Train

The Off-Leash & Behavior Modification Board and Train programs are four week intensive board and train programs where your dog will learn how to behave well both on and off leash in all sorts of environments. Three private training lessons are included in this program as well as an e-collar and access to our online community. Owners will receive access to our advanced obedience online learning course, our private online community and exclusive invites to VIP events. This board and train is ideal for dogs 6 months and older. Off leash expectations are not suited for aggressive dogs.


Not in the budget? Check out our DIY Board & Train Course or ask about our Financing/Low Monthly Payment Options

When it comes to working with living animals that can ultimately make their own choices, people always want a guarantee that training will "work" flawlessly and effortlessly. Here's what I have to say: I guarantee that I will work my hardest at accomplishing your goals and communicate with you on what you need to continue doing moving forward to be successful on your dog training journey. The modification of aggressive/fearful behaviors is not a promise, it's always a work in progress. Be fair to your dog and to yourself and follow through with the training to get the most out of your dog's board & train experience.

Behavior modification programs are crafted specifically for your family and for your dog(s). The pricing listed does not reflect the cost of Lynsey working with aggressive or fearful animals as it takes more time and effort to work through these issues. When signing up for a behavior modification program, you're aggreeing to maintaining open communication with your trainer to alert of any issues that may arise after your dog's board and train is complete. Failure to contact us in a timely manner to alert of any issues will result in termination of our dog training agreement. Waiting until an issue is intolerable is not our approach. Let us help you to the best of our ability by letting us know what's going on right away!

Overnight boarding/daycare services is only available to dogs who have previously been trained in our programs. The charge is $65/night. $85 on holidays.

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