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  • What is your training methodology?
    Our approach to dog training is similar to those who label themselves as "balanced" dog trainers. This means that we use lots of positive reinforcement to teach dogs new things, but we also enforce the use of properly timed and applied correction or interruption to stop unwanted behavior. This is what Lynsey, the owner of Sunshine K9 Training has to say about our training process: "If we focus on mutual respect between dogs and their humans, our lives will change dramatically. Training isn't just about interrupting bad behavior and teaching tricks and commands. It's about learning to better communicate with your canine companion so that you can advocate for them when they are uncomfortable and help them to work through their fear or excitement in a way that's fair and easy for them to understand. I help to teach owners to better understand their dog's body language and how we can utilize this information to teach them all of the things we want them to know. So many dog owners want their dogs to listen to them. I teach them how to listen to their dogs first." If you have further questions about how we train, send us a message, we're happy to discuss it with you! We believe in being completely transparent in everything that we do.
  • Which types of tools do you use to train dogs?
    Training dogs is not a one-size-fits-all shindig. We utilize different tools like leashes, collars, and other things in our environment to help build different associations for your dog. Some common training tools we utilize daily are: martingale collars, remote collars, Herm Sprenger and Starmark style prong collars to help us interrupt behaviors and communicate clearly with dogs, kennels to help provide a safe, structured daily life, squirt bottles and pet corrector cans to help interrupt behaviors when dogs are not on leashes, and toys and food to help build positive associations with environments and behaviors so that they will be repeated. We want the dogs that work with us to be able to handle any real world scenario that your family may encounter on a regular basis, so we expose them to things that fit your lifestyle. The real-world is our greatest training tool.
  • Is my dog too young or too old to train?
    Everything you do with your dog is training, from the first moment you pet them, to daily feedings, walks, and just hanging out at home. We can start training puppies to learn new things at 8 weeks old. Most dogs are never too old to learn new things and to break bad habits! With a dedicated owner, dogs of any age can accomplish so much!
  • Why should I hire Sunshine K9 Training?
    By teaching you how to effectively communicate with your dog, we help you accomplish all of your pet dog training needs. We can teach you how to reward your dog at the right time and use properly timed interruptions and rewards to stop unwanted behaviors. We will guide you through each step of the training process and continue to provide support after you and your dog complete training. What we do gets real results! Check out our social media pages to see what we're up to and what we've accomplished.
  • How can you hire us?
    Check out our services page to see what training package you are interested in. Then fill out our contact form. Briefly describe the issues you are having with your dog and what we can help with and we will email or call you within 24 hours to schedule your first session.
  • What is your guarantee?
    When it comes to working with living animals that can ultimately make their own choices, people always want a guarantee that training will "work" flawlessly and effortlessly. Here's what I have to say: I guarantee that I will work my hardest at accomplishing your goals. I will do everything within my abilities to communicate with you on what you need to continue doing moving forward to be successful on your dog training journey. The modification of aggressive/fearful behaviors is not a promise, it's always a work in progress. The level of obedience each dog reaches may be different because each dog has their own learning ability, personality, and genetics. Be fair to your dog and to yourself and follow through with the training to get the most out of your dog's training experience.
  • Will I have homework?
    Yes! Dog training is a lifestyle. We will give you all the information you need to be successful once we hand the leash back to you. Practicing after our lessons will help you maintain what your dog has learned. If you're struggling with something, reach out to us so we can address your issues and solve the problem. Repetition is very important. When we assign homework after a session, it is up to you to follow through to get the best results from our training.
  • What is your payment and/or refund policy?
    Payment for one-on one sessions is due in full before programs begin. A 50% deposit is required for ALL Board & Train reservations. Failure to do so will not reserve your spot in the program. Full payment is due the business day before Sunshine K9 Training receiving your dog for a Board & Train Program. Sunshine K9 Training will continue to provide support in the event that issues arise once training is through as long as client can provide reasonable proof that they have done the course work and are following all of the guidelines set forth by Sunshine K9 Training. If Client can not provide reasonable proof of their effort, Sunshine K9 Training reserves the right to terminate support. No refunds will be issued on account of owner dissatisfaction. All deposits for one-on-one programs, consultations, virtual programs, and Board and Train programs are non-refundable. Should you choose to cancel your program at any time including the day of commitment, during a program, or after, no refund will be issued. ALL VIRTUAL, IN-PERSON, AND FOLLOW-UP SESSIONS EXPIRE 6 MONTHS AFTER THE DATE THAT YOU SUBMIT YOUR TRAINING AGREEMENT. Failure to schedule your sessions within that 6 month period will not result in a refund.
  • Does my dog need any vaccinations to work with you?
    Your dog should be up to date with rabies, Bordatella and distemper. Proof of these vaccinations is required before in person sessions are scheduled. Your dog should be free of fleas or parasites that are spread through contact such as ringworm. If you know your dog has these issues and are dishonest about them, training will stop immediately, and no refunds will be issued. We value the safety of our own pets and the pets of other clients.
  • What if my dog's fecal test is positive before training?
    All owner's must submit fecal test results prior to dogs coming in for boarding or training. Be sure to tell your vet that you need a comprehensive screening for parasites that include Giardia and Coccidia as this is not always done in just a simple fecal test. We will verify results with your vet. If your dog tests positive for parasites before their scheduled training or boarding, start following your vet's recommended treatment right away and let us know. We require your dog to be parasite-free upon arrival so this may mean rescheduling your dog's training. We will NOT reschedule until we confirm with your vet that your dog is parasite-free. Any dates will be tentative until we confirm that your dog is healthy. Communal diseases are easily spread through contacting surfaces, water bowls, play areas, toys, etc. so it's imperative that you get them treated right away and disinfect your home to prevent recontamination. After you submit your fecal sample to your vet, keep your dog away from other dogs and out of communal dog areas (dog parks, daycare, friends/family housing with other dogs) for at least 2 weeks prior to their arrival with us. This assures that your dog will not bring any illnesses into our home facility. In the even that Sunshine K9 Training observes worms or other suspected parasites on your dog or in your dog's feces or vomit, you will be contacted and we will request that you pick up your dog to get them treated by your vet immediately.
  • What does a typical day look like for dogs that are boarding?
    When your dog boards with us, they stay in our home and become a part of our pack. Dogs sleep in separate crates at night and are crated when unattended. Cameras allow us to keep an eye on all of the dogs in the kennel room when we are not close by. They have scheduled meal times and potty times. Each board & train dog is worked with a minimum of 3 formal sessions per day, not including play/potty/meal time which are separate. Training sessions are spread out throughout the day. When dogs aren't playing, actively training, eating or sleeping, they are out and about with us learning to behave politely as part of the family. One to two days a week, dogs are not actively being trained, but have their normal meal/potty and socialization times. Both people and dogs need a day off now and then, but we keep the rules the same, even when your dog has the day off. Dogs in training will have opportunities to go on public outings to various downtown areas, pet stores, home improvement stores and public parks. We do not take dogs to dog parks to play with unknown dogs - this is non-negotiable. If your dog has been through a training program and is just boarding with us while you're away, they'll be included in our day to day activities and will occasionally accompany us on outings. They follow the same schedule as our dogs in training. Above all, your dog is part of our family while they are here. It's our job to guide them and provide a safe place for them to learn so they can be proud to show you how great they can be when their program is through.
  • What if my dog is still struggling after training?
    When signing up for any of our programs, you're agreeing to maintaining open communication with your trainer to alert of any issues that may arise after your dog's program is complete. Failure to contact us in a timely manner to alert of any issues will result in termination of our dog training agreement. Waiting until an issue is intolerable is not our approach. This applies to our one on one sessions, virtual lessons, obedience board and train programs and behavior modification programs. Let us help you to the best of our ability by letting us know what's going on right away! An example of timely is as follows: "My dog went to a board & train and came home 2 weeks ago. Everything has been great, but within the last few days, my dog doesn't want to listen" This is the perfect time to reach back out to the trainer so we can help you resolve your issues quickly and effectively. An example of waiting too long: "My dog returned from a board & train last summer, and for the last 2 months has been a pain in the butt." This is an unacceptable amount of time to wait to reach back out to the trainer. If you have an issue, contact us immediately so we can guide you through the problem solving process. For behavior modification programs, if the trainer finds that the owners are doing all they can do, but goals have not been reached, it is at the trainer's sole discretion whether or not the dog will be permitted back for further training. The cost of additional boarding will be decided by the trainer. Failure to provide proof that you are following through will result in additional costs for the trainer to continue telling you the same thing over and over. If you're not following through, there is no point in the trainer wasting time repeating instructions. All of our amazing clients are invested in the outcome of their dog's training programs and continue to work through issues before, during, and after their program is complete. Failure to put in the work will absolutely result in your dog reverting back to how they were prior to being trained by Sunshine K9 Training. We make it incredibly easy to contact us and to follow through with training protocols.
  • My dog was sent home early because of an emergency, what do I do?
    Occasionally a dog will be sent back to their owners early because of an emergency on the owner's part, an emergency with the trainer, or because of suspected illness including, but not limited to the following: stress colitis, diarrhea, UTI, females in heat, injury, coughing, sneezing, etc.. If your dog was sent home before their program was completed, it is YOUR responsibility to reach back out to the trainer to reschedule when your dog is in good health. Failure to reach out to reschedule your program within 30 days after the day your dog was sent home forfeits any payments made and any remaining sessions. This does not mean that your dog will be back in training within 30 days. This means that you must maintain communication with the trainer to assure that your dog gets put back on our training calendar when it works for both you and the trainer. We often book programs months in advance so sometimes a program may be delayed for months. While we have no control over emergencies, it is important to keep your pet in good health. If you suspect illness prior to your dog's board & train, take your pet to the vet immediately and let the trainer know as soon as possible so we can accommodate you. The trainer has the right to refuse the intake of a board & train dog if illness is suspected, if fleas are seen, or if it appears the animal is not in good health. The trainer also has the right to refuse intake if an animal's behavior is beyond what was discussed in the onboarding process.
  • Cancellation Policy for Private Lessons & Calls
    We understand that emergencies can happen, and cancellations may need to occur. This works both ways! In the event that Sunshine K9 Training must cancel a session due to a personal or business emergency, we will call you. If you do not answer, we will leave a voicemail, send an email, or send a text message to the number you’ve provided. Please respond to these messages as soon as possible as it’s the only way we know you’ve received them. If you do not respond, we will reach out to you periodically until we receive a response so that we may reschedule. There will be no penalty to you if we cancel due to an emergency. If you need to cancel due to an emergency, you must notify us immediately. You may do so via call, text, or email. Please provide us with your name, dog’s name and time of your session and let us know you need to cancel. Failure to do any of the above will result in forfeiture of the session. Forgetting is not an emergency, and we trust that our clients will be honest about their need to cancel. Please consider the distance we must travel to get to you. If you let us know 15 minutes prior to a session and we’re already on the way, we will ask for reasoning in your need to cancel on such short notice. Again, this works both ways and we will make every effort to contact you immediately if we need to cancel due to our own emergency. If you are ill or feel as though you are not physically capable of participating in a session due to injury or emotional distress, please notify us immediately. We require clients to cancel in-person sessions if they knowingly are contagious with any illness or suspect that they have a contagious illness. We recommend rescheduling once you are feeling better, but can also accommodate the need to answer questions and provide clarity via short zoom call. Sessions are not refunded if you cancel or if Sunshine K9 Training cancels. Clients have the opportunity to reschedule, however, failure to reach out to do so will result in forfeiture of any sessions after 6 months from the start of your program. Consistent rescheduling shows lack of commitment and Sunshine K9 Training may terminate any training agreements of clients who are habitual cancellers.
  • If your dog is on a medication to alter behavior, please read below.
    While many veterinarians and behaviorists prescribe medications to help alter your dog's behavior, we believe in a more holistic approach. A dog's behavior is not acting in a natural state while medicated. This is why we require dogs to be appropriately weaned off of these medications prior to the start of their training. YOU MUST SPEAK WITH YOUR VET PRIOR TO CHANGING YOUR DOG'S DOSAGE. We want to train the dog as they present naturally so we can help you help them be calmer in this crazy world we live in. If your dog is being given any of the following or any other drug that is intended to alter your dog's brain chemistry to change their behavior, speak with your vet and get instructions on how to wean them off of these medications safely prior to training. In circumstances where dogs have been on medication for a longer period, they may require a longer period to be appropriately weaned off of these drugs. The trainer will accept dogs being weaned off of medication on a case-by-case basis along with written instructions from your veterinarian on how medication should be given daily in order to prevent withdrawal issues. Please understand that out of the hundreds of dogs that we've worked with that have been medicated, it is not a solution for behavior issues. We understand that some owners see minor change in their dog's behavior with the use of medication, but we encourage training and following through with a training program before returning to the continued use of these types of drugs. Sunshine K9 Training is a dog training company, not a licensed veterinarian. Please consult your prescribing veterinarian on how to appropriately wean your dog off of any medications.
  • Can we tour the facility before boarding or training?
    The short answer: no, but please read on. Our training facility is our home. For the safety of the dogs who are currently training and boarding, and our capacity for the number of dogs in our home, we do not allow dogs who are not enrolled into our program to enter our home. During enrollment, we verify vet records to assure dogs are up to date and parasite free. This screening is required to enter our home for boarding and training. Again, our facility is our home. Training takes place in our home and yard and we venture out to nearby dog friendly stores like Ace Hardware, Tractor Supply and Home Depot daily during the summer months. Accommodations for dogs are simple standard crates to sleep in at night and when we are not home in a room that is designated as our kennel space. We have the capacity for 6 dogs in our household so our training groups are small. Our behavioral consultations are best done in your own home because that is where the problems persist. In the past, we have conducted consultations in our home space, however the dogs are often too distracted by the new environment to display the behaviors that are a persistent problem. We will provide photos and videos of our training areas upon request as we prefer not to post photos of our home online. We hold a current kennel license with the Georgia Department of Agriculture as any trainer or boarder is supposed to have to perform such services. At any time, the state inspector can come to our home and request to see the premises. This is stated to let everyone know that we are absolutely transparent in what we do here, we just don't perform consultations and first time greetings in our own home and feel that picture and video walkthroughs are sufficient. During training programs, owners have access to our Facebook classroom where we post videos and pictures of the training process in and around our home daily. During a board & train drop off, you are able and encouraged to come inside and see where your dog will spend the next few weeks. If being unable to tour the facility is a no go for you, that's fine and we completely understand. Our dream of owning a facility separate from our home is far off now, but when we get there, we'll be happy to open our doors to anyone for a tour. 😊🐾☀️
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