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One-on-One Private Dog Training Lessons

There's no place like home with your dog... except... your dog is a wild one. Let us come to you and help you solve your dog training problems. From leash pulling, basic obedience, advanced obedience, and behavior modification, we've got you covered. You can schedule your sessions around what works best for you. Work at your own pace and don't worry about being judged if you make a mistake. We're here to help you succeed with all of your dog training goals. The trainer will teach you how to execute all of our training protocols and help you troubleshoot your issues in real time. We'll guide you and your family onto the path of success and get you to that stress-free life you've always wanted with your dog.

All of our programs can be converted into a virtual program so if you're just outside of our service area, or aren't feeling like being around other humans, but still want to train, we've got you covered! We can work through Zoom to make sure that you're getting the help you need, even if you're too far away. You can also check out our online training courses.

Not sure which one of our in-home dog training programs is right for you? Fill out an application and schedule a call with us so we can figure that out together.

Financing/Low Monthly Payment Options are available.

Included in All In-Home Private Dog Training Programs:

  • Access to our online Facebook Community where you can ask questions, post your progress and participate in weekly Live Q&As!

  • Training in the comfort of your own home or public park so you can tackle those at home issues and have the dog you've always wanted!

  • The exclusive step-by-step video guide for your program that will show you exactly how to execute our training protocols so that you can finally stop being embarrassed by your dog's behavior.

husky dog looks at his owner while they walk down the street

Our Walk Softer Program is geared towards putting an end to persistent leash pullers. We'll get your dog walking politely on leash in 45 minutes or less! A training collar is included in this program.


Walk Softer Program

malinois dog lays down in front of fireplace

Our in-home advanced obedience dog training program is geared towards dog owners that want to take their dogs to the next level of awesome. Learn how to have a dog that listens even among high distractions. This training program consists of 8 1-hour sessions in your home.


In-Home Advanced Obedience Dog Training

schnauzer laying down in the living room

Our in-home obedience dog training program focuses on teaching obedience commands and stopping common unwanted behavior. This program consists of 4 1-hour sessions in your home.


In-Home Obedience Dog Training Program

German Shorthair Pointer Puppy Running towards camera

The Puppy Problems Program focuses on training your new puppy. We help you with behaviors like puppy biting, potty training, crate training, and earning a leadership role with your dog. This puppy training program is for puppies under 16 weeks of age.


Puppy Problems Program

dog owner walks reactive pitbull through neighborhood

If your dog pulls and barks at everything on the leash, the leash reactivity dog training program is where it ends! This program consists of 3 private lessons, 60 minutes each. The focus of this program is to work through your dog's reactivity on the leash so you can finally enjoy walks again!


Leash Reactivity Program

If you have an aggressive or reactive dog, our walk softer program is not for you. Each program is designed specifically for that issue and no other training will be done outside of what is spelled out in the program description. The cost for each program only accounts for 1 dog. Additional costs will apply for additional dogs and travel time to and from your home.

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